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IB Learner Profile Trait:  Open-Minded

Approaches to Learning (ATL): Social/Collaboration Skills


Week 1:

Monday: No School


Tuesday: September 5th


Wednesday: Study Hall 

Review Study Hall Norms:

1. Respect Quiet Time: Everyone should understand that study hall is a time for focused work. Keep noise levels to a minimum to avoid disturbing others who are studying.

2. Arrive Prepared: Come to study hall with all necessary materials, books, and assignments. Being organized helps maximize your study time.

3. Use Technology Wisely: Use electronic devices only for educational purposes, such as research or assignments. Avoid social media, games, and distractions.

4. Raise Your Hand for Assistance: If you have a question or need help, raise your hand to get the attention of a study hall monitor or teacher.

5. Respect Personal Space: Give fellow students their space to work comfortably. Avoid leaning over or invading others' personal areas.

6. Collaborate Quietly: If group work is allowed, collaborate with others in hushed tones so as not to disrupt those studying independently.

7. Clean Up After Yourself: Keep your study area tidy by disposing of trash and organizing your belongings before leaving.

8. Stay in Your Seat: Remain seated unless you need to get up for a specific reason, such as using the restroom or asking for help.

9. No Food or Drink: To maintain a clean and distraction-free environment, avoid bringing food or drinks into the study hall.

10. Respect Others' Time: Be on time to study hall and avoid packing up early. This ensures that everyone has the full allocated time for studying.

11. Focus on Productivity: Use study hall for its intended purpose – studying, completing assignments, and working on projects. Minimize unrelated activities.

12. Respect Diversity: Be considerate of others' backgrounds, preferences, and learning styles. Create an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

13. Follow School Rules: Adhere to the school's code of conduct and policies during study hall, just as you would in any other class.

14. Seek Help Responsibly: If you need assistance, approach the study hall monitor or teacher in a respectful manner and wait patiently if they're helping someone else.

15. Encourage a Positive Atmosphere: Help create an atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement. Offer help if you see someone struggling with their work.

16. Use Study Resources Wisely: Make use of available resources such as reference materials, study guides, and online tools to enhance your learning.

17. Respect Privacy: Avoid looking at others' work or devices without permission. Respect each student's right to privacy.


*Study Hall norms created with assistance from ChatGPT


Thursday: No Homeroom


Friday: September 8th

Continue with Monday's activity.

Week 2:

Monday: September 11th


Tuesday: Study Hall

Wednesday: Study Hall

Thursday: No Homeroom

Friday: September 15th [Optional Lesson, or complete your activity from Monday]


Week 3:

Monday: September 18th


Tuesday: Study Hall

Wednesday: Study Hall

Thursday: No Homeroom

Friday: September 22nd [Optional Lesson, or complete your activity from Monday]

Today's Youtube video:



Week 4:

Monday: September 25th


Tuesday: Study Hall

Wednesday: Study Hall

Thursday: No Homeroom

Friday: Fun Friday