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Week 1:

Monday: No School - teacher work day


Tuesday: Positivity Project

p2 prudence


Wednesday: Study Hall


Thursday: NO HOMEROOM 


Friday: Fun Friday




Week 2:

Monday: Positivity Project

p2 perserverance


Tuesday: Planner Check/Finish Positivity Project


Wednesday: Study Hall


Thursday: NO HOMEROOM 


Friday: Fun Friday



Week 3:

Monday: Positivity Project

social intelligence


Tuesday: Planner Checks/Finish Positivity Project


Wednesday: Study Hall


Thursday: NO HOMEROOM 


Friday: Fun Friday





Week 4:

Monday: Video

source: Colin Stanton "Stephen Curry - Success is Not an Accident"

Discussion Questions: What takeaways do you have from this video? 


Tuesday: Planner Checks & Reflection/Activity

Our choices become our habits.  It’s time to make better choices so that I have better habits.

#1)  Ask students to write down one of their bad academic habits that they recognized they had first semester. 

#2)  Invite the class to stand in a circle facing in. 

#3)  Have the students crumple the bad habit up into a ball.  Throw the bad habit into the center of the circle.  Students pick one up and repeat the process of throwing it back into the circle (without reading it). Do this at least three times so that these become mixed up. 

#4) Students then read the third bad habit. Have students wad up the paper and throw it back into the circle. Students then pick up another and read it to themselves. Repeat this process until students have read 3-4.

#5) Ask students if anyone read a bad habit that they could relate to. Take volunteers to share.


Conclusion: We are going to throw our bad habits away for the last semester and replace them with good choices to establish good habits.


Wednesday: Study Hall


Thursday: NO HOMEROOM 


Friday: Activity


“Are the habits you have today on par with the dreams you have tomorrow?”

Have students reflect internally about the activity from Tuesday and what habits they recognize as needed to change.  They should then think of a NEW CHOICE that they can commit to for the 2nd half of the year. 



Your HALLWAY or WING will be given a few LARGE pieces of butcher paper that you will unroll the length of the largest part of your hall.  Students will need a marker of choice.   

You will then invite your students to come out of the classroom to WRITE their NEW CHOICE onto the butcher paper.  You do not need to worry about them staying within your HR class/section...mixing it up will be good and make this more of a seamless community builder.


*At the end of homeroom, have students help roll up the posters.  Please store the posters until Student Leadership Reporting the following week.