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IB Learner Profile Trait:  Caring

Approaches to Learning (ATL): Collaboration - Practice empathy

Global Context:  Fairness and Development 

Explorations: Imagining a hopeful future

Purpose: "Happiness depends on what you can give, not one what you can get." - Jayesh Patel


Monday: Video

source: Soul Pancake - "Strangers Surprised by an Unusual Reminder to Care"

Watch the video and discuss the different ways that someone can show strangers that they care.  Compile a list of what they saw, what they have experienced and other ideas.


Tuesday: Planning 

Students are to come up with a plan of action for what they will do as a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ on campus this week. Students can work in partners or individually.


Wednesday: Study Hall


Thursday: No Homeroom


Friday: Action

Discuss and share as a class what random acts of kindness students have witnessed or participated in.

  • What did you do?

  • Do you feel like it was successful?

  • How do you think the other person felt?

  • How did you feel?

  • Will you do this again even when it is not expected?



Monday: Video - Preparing for annual toy drive - launching next week!


source: Jimmy Gibberbaha - "Sharing is Caring"

Tuesday: Grade Check/Study Hall


Wednesday: Study Hall


Thursday: No School


Friday: No School




Monday: Video 

Class rosters and wish lists from DK will be provided to teachers this week.

source: WCMS Toy Drive 2018 from WCMS Bulldogs TV on Vimeo.


Information that should be covered:

  • Each HR is partnered with another HR on campus. These are then assigned a DK classroom (which have already been determined).
  • Every child from DK will have a wishlist
  • Students need to understand that if they don’t have $8-10 for gifts, there are other options to contribute (wrapping paper or even a couple of dollars toward the purchase of gifts, or they can even do parts of gifts, etc) *Students can also contribute old gently used and clean winter coats/scarves and hats to donate to the school.
  • It’s fun to also have a place where gifts can be stored or money collected- a big box wrapped in holiday paper or a stocking to put money/GC’s in


Tuesday: Action


Positivity is KEY, if you stay positive, students will absorb this!

There are many ways to compile a list of wants:

  • create one large poster that lists the wants (like a shopping list)
  • photocopy the lists and students can choose to adopt that student-some students may partner up with others to work with that list
  • Put an item on a post-it and put on a poster.  Kids can then take the post-it as a reminder of what they want to get.


Wednesday: Study Hall


Thursday: No Homeroom


Friday: Video

source: Soul Pancake - "Kid President's 25 Reasons to be Thankful"

Teacher leads discussion on things we could be grateful for over our Thanksgiving Break.  For example, some people may not have a lot to be grateful. Can we try to think of the kids at DK while we are on break? What is your plan of action on how to help give to others?



No School 


Monday: Toy Drive 


Today, continue working on wish list items and talking up the importance of our toy drive.


Tuesday: Planner Check/Toy Drive/Study Hall


Wednesday: Study Hall


Thursday: No Homeroom


Friday: Fun Friday