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Haley Guevin, Front Desk ICT

Tiffany Chiang, School Secretary

Nina Sandoval, Records & Reports

Marcie Herr, ICT - Attendance


Attendance Matters
Regular attendance and punctuality are key elements in determining a student's success in school.
  • ABSENCES AND TARDIES: Must be cleared by a parent phone call or written note. Absences not cleared within 5 days become truancies.
  • EXCUSED ABSENCES: Personal illness, medical appointment, death of an immediate family member.  There is a 10 ten limit.
  • EXCESSIVE EXCUSED ABSENCES: 60 class periods or 10 days of absence is defined as "excessive".  Parents of students who approach/exceed this will be contacted in writing.
  • EARLY DISMISSAL: A student may be picked up and signed out by parent/guardian. A parent or guardian must always sign their student out and bring a form of I.D. (driver’s license).  Only those who are on the student’s emergency card can sign them out.
  • CLOSED CAMPUS: Students must have parent/guardian permission to leave campus once they have arrived. It is not acceptable for students to go into the creek area.
  • TARDIES: Students are expected to be through the classroom door or have entered the PE hallway when the bell rings. *Tardies reset each quarter and recorded in each class, even in Homeroom.

Tardy Policy-Consequences- Reset each quarter

1st tardy                = Warning

2nd tardy              = Warning/Discussion

3rd Tardy              = Parent/Guardian Contact

4th Tardy              = Detention 

5th Tardy              = After School Campus Cleanup

6th Tardy +          = 1-hour After School Detention